Happyness (Happiness - Furaha in Swahili)

I am an image consultant/stylist with a passion for beautiful things and I am from Tanzania. 


Why is this important?

Being stylish is very important in Africa. This is reflected in our traditional outfits way before "Couture" was even a thing. The bright colours, prints, handmade accessories, elaborately made-up hair, makeup (tribal paint), neatly pressed shirts and so much more are a true reflection of our culture. 


Africa is not one bit afraid of colour and texture with all its depth and as I stylist this fuels me. Africans are born fierce with pure energy and you can see the true aesthetic everywhere around you. This is the beauty that I grew up with, and this is what fleshes out the contours of my aspirations and inspirations.




























At Mahada, we believe that beautiful clothes should come from fair trade, not fast fashion. Instead of the usual mass-produced, identikit designs, you’ll find on the high street, our garments are truly unique. Every item is hand-tailored in one small workshop in Mtwapa, Coast Province, Kenya from short runs of eye-catching African print fabric. Designed with passion and made with care.


Besides being a sustainable label, we use fashion as a means to help disadvantaged women find skilled, well-paid work, and invest our profits in the Delilah foundation that provides education for the local children in Kikambala, Coast Province, Kenya our village that cannot afford education and all its requirements.

We hope to be able to create desirable objects and give our customers the pleasure to own something new and beautiful whilst also giving something back to our incredible planet. We are proud that for every Mahada garment sold, we will be planting a tree through a tree association in Kenya, Tanzania and Wales. We want to leave the world with a Mahada Forest!


The brand carries products for women that are designed by the founder who is an image consultant and sources ethical clothing branding for its image consultancy/styling services across its online platforms.


How you look has a powerful impact on the way you feel and, in turn, how you carry yourself. We offer services tailored to your taste, budget, and lifestyle that help you look and feel your' very best. Whether you are in a hurry or have some time to spare, we can help you find that look

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