In 1948, the United Nations proclaimed education to be a fundamental human right. According to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that right includes free and compulsory elementary education, and access to technical, professional, and higher education.


Great strides have been made and today, more children attend school than at any other point in human history. Around the world, literacy rates continue to climb. Where a college education was a rarity just a generation ago, tens of thousands of students graduate each year from universities that are on par with the best in the world.






Misaada (Charity) -Our Charity section

Delilah's Foundation in Kikambala - Mombasa, Kenya was started up by a humble lady who saw her neighbours’ children unable to attend school due to the fact that they could not gather the necessary funds. Despite being a retired person with no regular income, this lady took it upon herself to dip into what little she had to help some of the children get back into school. To date, she has successfully sponsored four children to join educational programmes and continues to dedicate herself fully towards this noble venture.


We have teamed up with Delilah's Foundation to help give the children of this community the opportunities others have around the world when it comes to schooling. We pledge to donate 20% of our sales from our ‘duka’ and consultancies we carry out.  This will go towards school fees, uniforms, stationery, school meal, books and any other school essentials. We do also take in donations of books, clothes, stationery and toys. 


Although we only have a small number of children to support, our hope is that in years to come we can extend this to many more children in need and not only at a primary school education level but to secondary and tertiary opportunities.